Transform your design, Color Choices

As with fonts, viewing distance is a key consideration when choosing your colors. Pick a background color that contrasts nicely with the text and graphic elements to ensure that viewers can read your banner or sign easily. Another trick is to keep the color scheme simple; in most cases, two or three colors will suffice. However, if you’re making something that people will stop to read—like a movie or event poster—you can definitely use a broader palette.

Another mistake that people make regarding coluor is that they neglect to set their design software to CMYK mode rather than the RGB color space. RGB features more colors, but printers use CMYK colors. Using CMYK ensures that you’ll have more accurate color rendition when you make the large­ scale print. If you’re using Photoshop, choose “Image > mode > CMYK color” to switch over.

Choose the right colours for the materials that you are working with. Acrylic pictures require more lights while canvas prints can be mounted in a dark room. At PicsAlive, colours is a huge part of what gives the tone and the feeling in a picture.

Psychology of Color
Transform your space with canvas and murals

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