PicsAlive is on the move to serve you better.

PicsAlive started a little more than seven years ago in our journey to bring your walls to life in South Africa and enjoyed unprecedented success and quickly grew into multiple locations…  Wanting to capitalize on that success Ari Momeni opened his next office in Toronto Canada. The response in Toronto has been amazing and we are growing


in leaps and bounds. Success requires change.


Avenue road was a great first home to our showroom and production but it has grown too small for the growth we are experiencing and so we are pleased to announce that we are moving our show room to a new location near York University and our production will move to separate location where it can spread it wings as well.


Here is what you need to know:

First and foremost, work at PicsAlive will not miss one beat during the move.  Work in progress will continue with no delay and we will meet all of our commitments on time as if nothing has changed.  All new projects will be accepted and we will be happy to meet with you wherever you are in the Toronto area and as always delivery will be on us and free of charge.  To all of our friends and supporters of our Avenue Road Store we are actively looking for a studio gallery downtown for your convenience and hope to announce that soon.


From all of us who work at PicsAlive the most important thing now and going forward is the customer’s happiness.   More news to come!



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Everyday, millions of square feet of vinyl is used in short and long term graphics in Toronto alone.

We have developed an entirely new process to bring in environmentally friendly ink from one end and bio-degradable material from the other end.

With the new inventions in paint technology (no VOC), the wall surfaces are less and less accepting of various types of paper and vinyl. We have developed a technique to “wash the wall” without effecting the paint quality that prepares the wall for accepting our paper material.

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Concord, ON L4K 1Z8


Tel: 416 876 4564




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